An Overview of the Redfoot Tortoise

Many people have tortoises for pets because they do make good pets and they are nice looking animals. There are many different kinds of tortoises, but Redfoot Tortoises are very popular pets, and for good reason. They are gorgeous tortoises and they are also small in size – even as adults. They are also easy to handle, which makes them a great pet for the entire family. They are also easy to come by as they are bred widely in the United States.

Another reason that Redfoot Tortoises make such great pets is that they live for a long time. How long they live will depend on the circumstances, but many of these tortoises live more than 50 years. There are not many other pets out there that will live this long, which is why many people opt for this tortoise.

When it comes to caring for the redfoot tortoise, there are some things that owners must do to keep their tortoise healthy and happy. When living indoors, these tortoises do need a heat source to keep the temperature in their tank warm enough. Usually UV lights are enough to provide this heat for them. When it comes to eating, they enjoy broad leaf plants, fruit, weeds, insects, and even flowers. Water should always be available to this type of tortoise, and the dish should be big enough for the tortoise to soak in, if possible. The redfoot tortoise loves to soak in the water and it also loves to bath in mud when it is available.