Equestrian Supplies The Horse Grooming Kit

Apart from the horses clothing equestrians should also take care of their horses. After all, the performance of the horse has a major impact on the scores. No matter what sports the horse is going to participate he must be well prepared before the event. This entails not just proper but also grooming. Riders are not the only ones who should look their best but also the horse. There are many supplies out there for the horse. Riders have a wide array of choices for their horses.

One of the most important of these supplies is the grooming kit. This is an essential kit when grooming and preparing the horse. With it riders will be able to maintain their horse’s coat in good condition. This will also be a good time for them to check for any injuries, scratches and bruises on the horse. Grooming will also massage the horse and promote circulation.

Horse care

The grooming kit is made up of different combs and brushes to keep the horse clean. Each of these combs and brushes has a different purpose when cleaning the horse.

These are some of the basic brushes and combs in a grooming kit:

Dandy brush These brushes are used to remove dirt on the surface of your horse’s coat. They are used in the less sensitive parts of the horse. This brush has long bristles.

Body Brush These brushes can be either hard or soft depending on your need. They have leather back. It is used to remove grease and dusts from you’re horse’ coat. They can be used in the sensitive areas of your horse’s body.

Metal curry comb This is not used on the horse but is rather used to clean the body brush when grooming. It removes dust and dirt from the brush so that you can use it again on the horse.

Rubber Curry Comb They remove mud and loose hair from the mane and tail of your horse.

Water Brush You are going to use water when washing or dampening your horse’s coat. This brush is used when applying water on your horse.

Mane comb As the name suggests these are combs used on the main and tail of your horse. They come in plastic and metal. There are variations of these combs for different purposes. Short metal combs are used for pulling manes. Other special combs are used to cut the mane thinner.

Hoof pick  They are used for removing dirt and stones that are packed into your horse’s hooves. Dirt and stones usually collect on the underside of your horse’s hooves when you go riding or when he’s out there in the field. The hoof pick can be easily lost under your grooming kit so it’s advisable to type in a baline twine.

Cotton Sponge Used for cleaning the eyes, nose and wounds of your horse.

Sweat scraper Wipe away sweat from the horse or excessive water when washing.

Stale rubber Used for doing the finishing touches on the horse. They are used for polishing the coat of the horse. Stake rubber or linen cloth can be used.

Grooming kit box Last but not the least, is the kit box. It can be any container or bag with ample storage for the brushes. You can also use a canvas bag with a drawstring.