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Dog Walking Service: Making the Perfect Choice It is definitely okay that you will be feeling choosy in terms of selecting the right dog walking service. It is okay to feel this way because your pet is someone you love and you are leaving him to a person that is new so you have to make sure that this care taker is a professional. Below is actually a list of the tips that will be of great help to you in choosing the right dog walking service so you have definitely picked the right article to read. The first thing that you have to be able to make sure of is that you have to ensure that when your dog goes on a walk it is not being walked together by dogs that you do not own. It is a rule for the dog walking service companies to never walk together unfamiliar dogs. A dog walking service company should not be walking no more than three small dogs and no more than two medium to large sized dogs together. The proper leash walking techniques when it comes to walking a dog is something that your choice of dog walking service company should be practicing. The dog should walk at their side, the dog should behave in the yard before the walk and the dog should be on a short and loose leash is how the technique should look like. It is important that the walker will have the two things in hand: a doggie water bottle with tray for those scorching hot days and treats for positive reinforcement.
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Another important matter about the dog walker is that he must be certified in pet care. Being able to hold a certification from a national organization means that the walker has been educated with the right safety measures and proper care when it comes to your pet which is the reason as to why the walker you choose should have this at hand. For the walker to be able to present this to you is important.
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To be certified in both first aid and CPR is another factor that should be found in a dog walker. To be well knowledgeable on what is needed to be done is definitely a good thing if there is an emergency with your dog. You also need to be able to make sure that there is open communication between yourself and the dog walker that you have hired. If the walker will be able to give you a detailed daily report then that will be a great thing. What should be found in the daily report are the following: the interactions between the walker and your dog, the behavior of the dog and other things the walker did at home like providing treats and fresh water. A contract should also be made.