Seeking Legal Representation After Driving Under the Influence

Being arrested for a DUI is serious business. This type of offense can carry some hefty fines, up to and including jail time. In order to make sure that the best possible outcome occurs, it is important to hire an indio dui lawyer who can assess the situation and mount a proper defense.Reviewing the Client’s Driving RecordOne of the first things that the lawyer will want to do is review the client’s past driving history. The goal is to determine if there are any similar offenses in recent years. This is important, since an ongoing pattern of being pulled over and arrested for being intoxicated while behind the wheel could mean that the penalty this time will be more harsh. The lawyer can help the client understand what the judge could decide, given the circumstances. If this is a first offense, the chances of a suspended sentence along with being ordered to attend some type of class is the likely outcome. When there are past offenses that the judge must take into consideration, the chance for a suspended sentence may be out of the question. Pleading the Client’s CaseWhatever the circumstances surrounding the arrest and past driving history, the lawyer will seek to use any legal means possible to obtain leniency for the client. This can sometimes include pointing to an otherwise spotless driving record, or noting that the client happens to be the sole support for the household. While the judge is always bound to follow the specific laws and statutes that apply, there is often some room for the judge to use his or her discretion in what type of punitive action takes place. It is this discretion that the lawyer will rely on when pleading the case. Even if there is no doubt that the client is guilty, the ability to effectively point out extenuating circumstances can often provide the judge with what he or she needs to choose the lightest sentence allowed by law. The last thing that anyone arrested for driving under the influence wants to do is to go to court alone. Always hire a lawyer to be on hand. Doing so will improve the chances of receiving the best possible outcome, and hopefully help the client to see that getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is the last thing that he or she ever wants to do again.