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What You Need To Know About Dog Boarding For most pet owners, leaving their pets behind is a traumatic experience. To lessen the trauma of leaving them to a dog boarding kennel facility, make sure to pack all the necessary equipment and toys for your dog’s stay as this will help in making the experience less of an ordeal to the pet. Packing up his food is the first thing that you need to do before packing up all hos toys. Packing up the correct amount of food for the dog’s stay is important as the dog boarding facility do not provide food for your dog. Aside from the food supply, you also need to pack a measuring device along with a written instructions like what time and how much food should the dog have or should he be given a treat, etc. It would also be a great idea to bring the dog’s blanket or bed if ever you have any problem with the pet’s sleeping arrangements. Boarding kennels have strange as well as new scents that somehow intimidate your dog and having their own bed and blanket and toys will help ease that.
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Before bringing your dog to the kennel boarding facility, let the kennel staff know if your dog has any condition that needs special attention while providing all the necessary medication that your dog needs. Medications must be labeled correctly and clearly along with your pet’s name and dosage. Aside from having instructions for the staff, they would also be asking for a complete paperwork from the vet together with the contact details of the vet where it was prescribed. All medications and supplements should be in their original containers as a precaution. Emergency situation the staff can quickly administer correct medication and dosage to your pet.
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Safe transportation of your pet is the most vital before sending you pet to a kennel facility. Using crate can be a hassle but is will transport your dog comfortably, while most of the pet owners use leash as it is very convenient for them but might not be comfortable for your pet, so better use a crate. Transporting your pet in a crate will also keep your pet safe which also allows you to think about any information that you might miss or need to tell the staff about. Taking notes of all the steps mentioned above will give you a stress free transfer for your and your pet. Most emergencies often happen through poor preparation, so it is best that you prepare early. Cases happen when you can’t find your pet’s favorite toy on the day of the departure and this create stress on your part.