What You Need to Know About Hair Weaving and Wholesale Virgin Hair

ensions are additions of either human or synthetic hair or a combination of both. They are attached to one’s natural hair or scalp through a variety of techniques such as woven, sewn in and braided. They require tightening or adjusting as your hair grows in time.

There are many techniques to weaving hair and one of the most common ways is to sew in hair weaves to very small cornrows. In addition, here are other techniques of hair weaving:

Tracking or Sewing In

Tracking or sewing in needs to be done by a professional stylist. First, your natural hair is braided around your head in concentric circles, after which, the stylist will have to sew in weaves onto the braids. This process will be repeated eight to fifteen times until the extensions are securely attached.


Extensions are glued to the roots of your hair with a special liquid adhesive. In bonding weaves or wholesale virgin hair, your hair is separated into small parts prior to filling in your natural hair with adhesive near the scalp. You have to be careful when using the adhesive. Use it sparingly. This technique can be delicate and the risk of damaging your hair may occur, especially when removing your weaves.

Ada vantages and Disadvantages

Hair weaving offers a number of benefits which includes giving your hair a more healthy and fabulous look. Here are some of the its benefits:

• For aging people, they prefer the type that offers a great substitute to thinning hair or hair loss.

• It has the ability to wear any texture without having it treated chemically and affect your natural hair. Weaves create more volume to thinning hair, add its length and change its texture.

• Wearing a weave is not difficult to maintain. It allows you to style your hair quickly and does not mess up after waking up in the mornings.

• Since hair weaving can be used in combination with hair transplant surgery, it aids men and women who do not wish to appear in public until the successful hair transplants are complete which usually takes 1-2 years.

However, having one does have its disadvantages as well.

• Depending on the method you choose, it may lead to further hair loss or thinning. For instance, when your weaves are done too tightly, it can pull on existing hair and lead to premature shedding.

• Overly tight weaves may harm your follicles. This can cause breakage at the base where it is attached. To minimize the chances of weave damage or shedding, get in touch with a professional stylist and have him/her apply your hair extensions as well as provide proper care for your existing extensions.